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is a full service quantitative marketing agency.
The key mission of is to translate consumer behavior to clear and fast marketing decisions.
Our experience allows us to provide the kind of insightful clarity and strategic direction that can transform a business.
Our approach to working with clients is collaborative. It’s a strategic partnership right from the start.
We deliver actionable insights with deep perspective. Our approach enables us to craft custom research solutions using an array of scalable, best-in-class methodologies.

Why ?

Our advantages

Impactful insights

Every project that comes through our doors gets senior-level attention every step of the way. It's what delivers the insights that drive intelligent and informed decision-making by our clients. That is why clients return when it's time for the next project.

Comfortable service

We've been described as reliable partners, easy-to-do business with. That's because we value great customer-service, unsurpassed responsiveness, remarkable flexibility. Consider us as an extension of your research team.

Speed of doing our job

On-demand with insights in days so that the business doesn’t have to wait. That is why each study should conduct in the shortest time-line.

Behavioral Economics in action

Utilization of Behavioral Ecomonics principles in every study allows to uncover the most valuable consumers insights.

High quality standards

We are passionate about quality.

At Human Nature we are responsible to provide trusted, reliable and valid source of information to our clients for right decision making.


has a strong expertise in different areas and for different marketing challenges

Development of successful strategy

Market/Consumer Segmentations
Brand positioning

Effective communication

Communication pre-tests
Promo evaluation
Brand Health Tracking

Launching a powerful product

Product ideas, Name
Price strategy
Range optimization
POST launch evaluation

Making short Path to Purchase

Shopper segments
Missions profile
Effective placement in stores
Observation in stores
Category adjacency
Decision tree
Shoppers’ satisfaction evaluation

Anton Negrebetsky
General Manager

Leadership team

15 years experience in the international market research agencies

«We follow the latest thinking and trends in our industry. HUMAN NATURE keeps the momentum in terms of powerful technologies and new standards in deliverables. We share comprehensive, bright reports with clear answers on business objectives.»

Experience of several hundred studies is our foundation

«We have done different types of studies with different level of complexity. We successfully completed such studies as: strong brand strategy development, fine-tuning successful launches, identification of breakthrough communication and ROI measurement. We will be happy to solve any marketing challenge that YOU have!

Always high satisfaction from clients and partners

«High scores are driven by several factors which are center of our daily routine: FLEXIBILITY in achieving objectives, SPEED of doing our job.»

If you have any questions drop them: Anton.Negrebetsky@Human-Nature.ru

Career opportunity

Waiting for you

  • At Human Nature we know that success doesn't just happen by accident and the team you work really matters.
  • Our team is designed to work together with minimal hierarchy, and maximum collaboration and learning.
  • We're always looking for the right people to join us.

Please send you CV at info@human-nature.ru

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